5 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool For Less

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool (and not break the bank)

With everything that has been happening in the environment and an fast paced changing landscape of Easton PA houses for sale, being eco-conscious on the house hunt is more critical then ever. Climate changes are drastic and summer has become a little bit more punishing than ever. Since you want to keep your family cool and comfortable during summer, you turn on the air for several hours straight. The question is, are you maximizing your options? Are you consuming energy wisely? Here are five ways that will help keep your home cool without spending too much then you really should.

  1. Change Your Thermostat – You can start by improving and updating your current thermostat into a programmable type. A programmable thermostat will help lower your energy consumption as you can have it shut the AC down whenever you are not around. This will also save you from the times that you forget to turn off the thermostat when you are in a rush to leave.


  1. Address the Humidity – Another thing you should focus on is regulating the humidity inside your home. Since you will be turning on your air conditioner more often, make sure that your other appliances that churn out too much heat are turned off. This is because excess heat will make your air conditioner work harder than it should, resulting in increased energy consumption.

  1. Use Your Ceiling Fans The Right Way – Do you have ceiling fans in your home? Good. But are you using them the right way? People tend to believe that ceiling fans can be substitutes for air conditioners. What they don’t know is that ceiling fans complement airconditioners. By turning them both on at the same time, your home will become cooler much faster and your air conditioner does not need to work that harder.


  1. Insulate Your Home – Proper and effective insulation means keeping the heat away and not allowing it to enter your house. Moreover, make sure that all the unnecessary holes in different parts of your house are covered. Feel free to use draperies and shades on your windows to keep the heat of the sunlight from entering.


  1. Never Take Maintenance for Granted – Lastly, you should never take regular maintenance of your cooling systems for granted. Get your AC units checked regularly to see if they need some cleaning or perhaps repairing. It is advisable to get your AC units checked on a monthly basis. Get those dirty filters and coils thoroughly cleaned by a professional HVAC technician to ensure that all areas are covered.



By following these five simple reminders, you can see the difference as far as lowering your monthly energy expenses will be, especially during summer.